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2017 Entrance of Hungarian Dojos in AIKO AIKO is at the beginning of a new year very pleased to announce the affiliation of the Hungarian Branch. The Hungarian Ashihara Karate Association has 11 Dojos under the leadership of Attila Hartyányi 4th Dan who can be regarded as an experienced Budoka in different fields like Karate, Judo and Kickboxing. The organisation runs yearly two or three national championships and

The Ashihara International Karate Organisation is happy to announce the affiliation of a new Dojo under the leadership of Shihan Leon Sebregts and Shihan Theo de Jong based in the city of Breda. Both instructors gained a long time experience in Martial Arts, Shihan Sebregts as a Kyokushin Karateka and Shihan de Jong with a broad experience in several Ju Jitsu systems. The AOBG Academy has a

Great News from Holland as our Ashihara and AIKO Brothers showed excellent progress in the NFCKO Open Full Contact Karate Championship. This body has been set up to promote co-operation and interaction between the different Knockdown styles in The Netherlands. Ashihara Karate was represented by Frank Mulder under Semmy Schilt Shihan, and AIKO Fighters Mitchell Grebe and Marc de Roodt from Sportschool Kihon with Ruben Laats as