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2017 AIKO Győri Ashihara Karate Gála, Hungary REHAB RÁBA CUP "With sport against drugs! Let sport be your passion!" Date: 05.03, 2017 Location: Molnár Vid Bertalan Közösségi Ház Váci M. street 3. Győrszentiván Hungary Time Schedule: 10.00 am Opening Ceremony 11.00 am Kata Competition for all age categories Kumite Competition for all age categories 17.30 pm Victory Ceremony, end of competition   If you wish to enter our competition please visit the following link: Please send emails here: OSU

Sensei József Mosonyi (3rd Dan) opens a new dojo in Győr city The New Ashihara Karate Dojo is located in Győr city Center The location of the dojo is : Révai Miklós High School Győr city, Jókai road 2ind, Hungary Training time: Wednesday-Friday 18.00-19.30 Trainer: Sensei József Mosonyi (3rd Dan) The AIKO wishes Sensei József Mosonyi all best setting up this new dojo. The New Ashihara Karate Dojo is part of the AIKO Hungary branch. Sensei József Mosonyi (3rd Dan)

2017 Entrance of Hungarian Dojos in AIKO AIKO is at the beginning of a new year very pleased to announce the affiliation of the Hungarian Branch. The Hungarian Ashihara Karate Association has 11 Dojos under the leadership of Attila Hartyányi 4th Dan who can be regarded as an experienced Budoka in different fields like Karate, Judo and Kickboxing. The organisation runs yearly two or three national championships and

The Ashihara International Karate Organisation is happy to announce the affiliation of a new Dojo under the leadership of Shihan Leon Sebregts and Shihan Theo de Jong based in the city of Breda. Both instructors gained a long time experience in Martial Arts, Shihan Sebregts as a Kyokushin Karateka and Shihan de Jong with a broad experience in several Ju Jitsu systems. The AOBG Academy has a