Ashihara International Karate Organisation

New affiliated Dojo and Shihans in AIKO

collage-2016-07-09 The Ashihara International Karate Organisation is happy to announce the affiliation of a new Dojo under the leadership of Shihan Leon Sebregts and Shihan Theo de Jong based in the city of Breda. Both instructors gained a long time experience in Martial Arts, Shihan Sebregts as a Kyokushin Karateka and Shihan de Jong with a broad experience in several Ju Jitsu systems.
The AOBG Academy has a respected name and is a recognized institution with a wide range of martial arts. Shihan Sebregts has been a regular participant of the AIKO spring camps and has a good bond with Kihon where he regularly trains the Ashihara International style under the leadership of Sensei de Roodt. AIKO warmly welcomes both Shihans and their students, Osu Dave Jonkers Shihan.