Ashihara International Karate Organisation

AIKO Rules and Regulations Update

From now on the following rules will apply and will be strictly adhered
As teachers and students are responsible to make sure that when somebody want s to do an exam they adhere to the standards we as AIKO have set.

That means you have to know the exam criteria as described in the kata book, but also that you need to register your exams from 4th kyu and higher through the applications page. If this is not done, the amount owed is not payed or you dont have a lifetime membership you will not be allowed to do an exam.

Registering is needed for understanding who all are doing exam, making sure we have enough materials for the candidates, but also the belts need to be created and this needs to be payed and transported.

If there are issues please contact Shihan Marcel van den Berg, sending a email >>>> Here

We know this sounds harsh but apparently its needed