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Ashihara Karate is basically named after Hideyuki Ashihara, but during several decades the original style has been divided in several systems and organisations.

Ashihara Karate having being developed in the 1970’s is one of the “younger” styles in existence, and despite this, it too has seen changes made by different High Ranking instructors.


  • From now on the following rules will apply and will be strictly adhered As teachers and students are responsible to make sure that when somebody want s to do an exam they adhere to the standards we as AIKO have

  • Great News from Holland as our Ashihara and AIKO Brothers showed excellent progress in the NFCKO Open Full Contact Karate Championship. This body has been set up to promote co-operation and interaction between the different Knockdown styles in The Netherlands. Ashihara Karate

  • The Ashihara International Karate Organisation is happy to announce the affiliation of a new Dojo under the leadership of Shihan Leon Sebregts and Shihan Theo de Jong based in the city of Breda. Both instructors gained a long time experience in



Unmatching Power of Ashihara

In different competitive formats the Ashihara International Karate Organisation has proven successful not only in Knockdown Karate but also in K1 and conventional Kickboxing with many achieving success in K1 in areas such as the Glory World Series.

Also, using experience in training in other disciplines, our fighters fought in other disciplines such as Pride, Pancrase and Daido Juku, also with high levels of success.


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Spin offs

Is one of these “spin offs”, based on the experience of Dave Jonkers Hanshi (8th Dan) , AIKO instructors and students.


Is one of the “full-contact” system in karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum.

strong form

Is presently known as a strong form of karate, with a strong desire in evolution and open minded approach.