From now on the following rules will apply and will be strictly adhered As teachers and students are responsible to make sure that when somebody want s to do an exam they adhere to the standards we as AIKO have set. That means you have to know the exam criteria as described in the kata book, but also that you need to register your exams from

In regards to our new centralisation efforts we also want to limit the amount of Dangrading events For this we have introduced a agenda were people can participate in Dangradings. These Dangrading events are stated in the the event calender. With regards,Hanshi Dave Jonkers, Chairman AIKOShihan Marcel vand en Berg, Vice Chairman AIKO

Dear AIKO Members Introduction: The year is coming to an end, and unfortunately we are in a lot of countries back to Covid Restrictions and the daily life of working from home. For us in the AIKO we are sad that we can't give you give all the support we would like to give. But we hope you all are healthy and are with family during the holiday season, and

Due to to circumstances the current Branch Chief for Ireland is not able to continue his work for the AIKO. The work Niall is currently doing is taking up to much of his time as we discussed this with him we concluded it would better to change the position of Branch chief for Ireland to somebody else. Together with Niall we looked at the current