Ashihara International Karate Organisation

Hungary entrance AIKO.

2017 Entrance of Hungarian Dojos in AIKO
AIKO is at the beginning of a new year very pleased to announce the affiliation of the Hungarian Branch. The Hungarian Ashihara Karate Association has 11 Dojos under the leadership of Attila Hartyányi 4th Dan who can be regarded as an experienced Budoka in different fields like Karate, Judo and Kickboxing.
The organisation runs yearly two or three national championships and one national open summer camp at the lake Balaton. Sensei Atilla organizes next to these events regularly different seminars for the referees, coaches, competitors and as well as some vocational trainings for his disciples. In 2014, Hungary was the host nation for the Ashihara World Championship by NIKO so this new branch has a lot of experience in organizing big events. In coming period we will start the planning of AIKO activities and events in order to align all these and to involve them closely in our future strong development. We warmly welcome our Hungarian Branch and will cooperate in future in a respectful and educational way with each other. Osu, Dave Jonkers Shihan Holland, January 2017
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