December 2017

New AIKO DOJO RUSSIA Under the leadership of Branch chief Russia, Anatoly Zykin supported by Nikolay Mescheryakov and Oganes Anayan the Russian Branch develops in a positive way. Next to these very active instructors, Russia has some higher experienced Dangrades who are also in the AIKO organisation; Alexandr Yanov (Godan) and Sergey Semenov (Rokudan) A new Ashihara International Dojo opens in the region of Russia ,Krasnoyarsk Krai and

NEW BRANCH AIKO OPENS IN KAZAKHSTAN Alexandr Zhuravlev in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan, and his board have deceided to be a branch of our organisation. The branch was already active in Ashihara karate and applied a while ago to become a member of the AIKO. This Dojo is situated in Astana, Kazakhstan and has 250 students and several Blackbelts. Sensei Zharavlev is next to karate-instructor, also the Headcoach

The Greek AIKO can rightly look back on an excellently organized AIKO CUP 1 with over 400 participants from various countries. The competition field of fighters was particularly well represented and Turkey and Hungary had traveled a long distance by bus to compete for the medals. Our thanks go to Ugur Baran and Attila Hartyani who, as representatives of the AIKO in their country, have taken this