Ashihara International Karate Organisation


The Greek AIKO can rightly look back on an excellently organized AIKO CUP 1 with over 400 participants from various countries.
The competition field of fighters was particularly well represented and Turkey and Hungary had traveled a long distance by bus to compete for the medals. Our thanks go to Ugur Baran and Attila Hartyani who, as representatives of the AIKO in their country, have taken this effort to make the tournament a success thanks to their contribution. Sensei Nikos Bilas and his assistant Joanna Adamopoulou, together with the team AIKO/Panthers, left an excellent impression on the participants and their efforts were rewarded with a positive response from competitors and the public. The cooperation with the Greek ShinKyokushin referees went smoothly under the leadership of Shihan George Kosmidos who led all matches in the right direction. Our thanks for this and we hope for further cooperation in the future. Sensei Bilas has big plans for the next AIKO Cup in 2018 and as it looks now more than 10 countries will compete in this event. We will publish the results soon and I want to thank Sensei Nikos and Sensei Joanna again for their dedication and hospitality during this weekend. A fact is that AIKO is currently experiencing positive growth with reliable, good Branches and Dojos, who support each other in an excellent manner. Osu Dave Jonkers Shihan, December 2017