Ashihara International Karate Organisation


NEW BRANCH AIKO OPENS IN KAZAKHSTAN Alexandr Zhuravlev in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan, and his board have deceided to be a branch of our organisation. The branch was already active in Ashihara karate and applied a while ago to become a member of the AIKO. This Dojo is situated in Astana, Kazakhstan and has 250 students and several Blackbelts. Sensei Zharavlev is next to karate-instructor, also the Headcoach of hand to hand combat team in the Security Forces in the Republic of Kazakhstan. (see video) Gradually the AIKO is starting to develop in this region, partly through the efforts and promotion of the already connected countries. It remains important that we work together as an organization and leave everyone in its value and not let our organization become a commercial club. Our membership is one of the lowest comparing to other Budo organisations and our goal is to organise and practice Budo in a joint form. AIKO warmly welcomes the Kazakhstan Branch under leadership of Sensei Alexandr Zhuravlev and surely we will strongly support your country in coming future. Osu, Dave Jonkers Shihan, December 2017