Ashihara International Karate Organisation


TURKMENISTAN Affiliates AIKO. Sensei Farhat Jumayew is the newest member with his Dojos in Turkmenistan Sensei Farhat started practicing kyokushin karate 1994 in 2000 he moved to Ashihara Karate.
His results as a fighter are bronze medalist at championship of Russia (2001) silver medalist at NIKO World championship(2016) and his latest succes is in 2017: Champion of Eurasia. At the moment he leads 3 dojos with a in Ashkhabat (capital of Turkmenistan).
At the same time he works as a Judge in court system of Turkmenistan. Sensei Alexandr Zhuralev has recommended Sensei Farhat and sees him as a very serious and responsible person. We find in Sensei Farhat a very valuable partner for AIKO and warmly welcome him in our strong developing organisation. Osu, Dave Jonkers Shihan March 8th, 2018