Ashihara International Karate Organisation

AUTUMN AIKO CAMP HENGELO , Holland 18/19/20 november

As the day comes to a close and probably almost everybody is back home , me, vanessa and every member of teamdoragon can look back on a camp that was the example of cooperation and the love for budo. I want to thank everybody for making this camp a success, thank you Hanshi Marc Howes Jigoku Dojo , Shihan Marcel Vanderschaeghe, Shihan Cor van den Adel, sensei Rene Stigter and Sensei Kenneth Macnac for your inspiring lessons. I also want to thank Germund Larsson and Esbjorn Larsson comming al the way from Sweden and Kevin Brown from Ireland. Also it was good to see my friends from Germany from bonn see you guys next combination seminar. We have gained new friends, seen old friends, trained new techniques but most of all whe had FUN. 
OSU Sensei Marcel van den Berg. 15122913_1378065948900536_7667304480609772029_o